Anirban Maity

Director & Creative eye of NSM. Having independent charge of all running projects in South Bengal. He is a Filmfare Award winning editor by profession. Working in this arena since 2005. He is socially very active on the social media platform.

Leena Ghosh

Co Founder & IN charge of operations of NSM Foundation, since the inception in 2018. Having independent charge for all the projects running in Puruliya, Bankura & Birbhum. The Workhorse of the organization . She is an Educationist by profession.

Mrinal Kanti Pathak

Director &Chief Executive Officer of NSM Foundation. Responsible in overseeing all the operations related activities of NSM .He has done extensive knowledge in the field of human relationships being associated for more than two decades. Thrives to work towards better living of the underprivileged section through team work.

Basabjit Ghosh

Co Founder & Director of Finance for NSM Foundation since the inception in 2018. Responsible for Managing the Finance of the NSM Foundation, across all the projects and having independent charge of all the projects in North Bengal. In addition to his work at NSM, he is a technocrat having vast experience in managing the IT &Telecom  projects across domains and geographies.

Rajib Kumar Tah

Co Founder & Director of Assam operations& Afforestation. He has done extensive work in the field of Transport & communication.

Tushar Kanti Das

Co Founder & In charge of Afforestation. He is a young technocrat, an avid learner, having a keen appetite for social work.

Sudip Das

Co Founder & In charge of relief Operations for NSM.