Design and Strategy Principles

Building and maintaining a connection of empathy, dignity and value between the issues of the economically divided sections of the mass.

Leveraging and empowering already available resources, wisdom, time, skills and efforts of people.

Approaching complex and interwoven challenge of poverty and discard in a human-centered and community driven way.

Equipping end users in cities and villages to thrive and evolve sustainably.

Listening deeply to our rural communities with humility, treating people with dignity and respect.

Working alongside. We facilitate, nudge and empower our partners and communities environmentally and socially to infuse new life and vitality into their communities.

Being responsive. We are constantly learning, incorporating and addressing from the reality of changing communities, contexts and deepening relationships

Evolving solutions with, not for the communities we work with.

Rooting Ideas in Community. Our on ground strategies are built from the context, cultures, knowledge, wisdom, resources, needs, and aspirations of the rural communities we work with.

Principles Driven. Our reflection, decision-making and action, in the face of complexity and uncertainty is driven by our guiding principles.